Saturday, May 19, 2012

What is a BlackBerry?

Q. What is a BlackBerry? What does it do?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry is a Mobile phone, which allows you to get instant e-mails on your BlackBerry handheld. These e-mails are push-based e-mails and access is available to e-mails while roaming nationally and Internationally in select locations. These e-mails can be your official e-mails and also your personal e-mails. Blackberry also allows you to surf the internet.

Q. How does a Blackberry work?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry works on the BSNL’s GSM network having GPRS / EDGE / 3G data enabled network. Via the BSNL’s data network your mails are sent and received from your Blackberry handheld.

Q. How is Blackberry Handheld different from any other feature rich GPRS / EDGE enabled Pocket PC/Smart phone?
A. Sir / Ma’am, there are many Pocket PCs / Smartphones available. The features vary according to the cost of the handset. Blackberry handhelds however are designed as a Office-productivity tool and are optimised as such. The handheld has features like (a) QWERTY / SURETYPE keyboard, (b)
Ruggedized Plastic screen, (c) Trackwheel / Trackball for single-handed handling, etc which combined with its “Thin” shape and “light” weight make the device very easy to use and carry.

Q. Does Blackberry work on GPRS or the GSM data platform?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry works on the BSNL’s GPRS / EDGE / 3G platform.

Q. Whether Blackberry is a pre-paid service or post-paid service?
A. At present, it is a post-paid service

Q. Can we have a Blackberry Plan only for Data and not for Voice?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am the plan will have to include Voice.

Q. Can I use the Blackberry handset with some other Operator’s SIM
card? Will I be able to use all the features?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am however you can only use it for basic Voice and SMS services. You will not be able to use the Blackberry email solution.

Q. What is the Warranty Period for the handset?
A. Sir / Ma’am, the warranty period extends to 12 Month from the date of Purchase of the handset. 12 months from date of purchase of the Battery and 12 months from date of purchase for the Charger.

Q. What happens if my device has some problems (eg. screen breaks,
Keypad stops working, battery stops working, charger problem, etc) after the warranty is expired?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Carry-to-bench service is available in select BSNL outlets. Charges will be levied against customer induced damages.

Q. What number do I call for support on this service?
A. For any technical issues that you face with your handheld, you can call the help line at 1505 or toll free 1800-180-1505 or GSM 9416001505.

Q. What cities is this service available in?
A. Sir / Ma’am, This service can be taken across India in all 23 BSNL circles from designated outlets.

Q. Will Blackberry work with my Corporate email server which is running Lotus Domino / Microsoft Exchange/Novell Groupwise
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am Blackberry works with Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise and Microsoft Exchange.

Q. Will Blackberry email work when I am Roaming anywhere in India?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry email will work while roaming on BSNL networks provided you log onto BSNL/MTNL and not to any other network. Blackberry email will NOT work while roaming in any city/telecom circle where BSNL/MTNL doesn’t have coverage. However BSNL/MTNL has countrywide coverage.

Q. Will Blackberry email work when I am Roaming Internationally?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am Blackberry email will work in international roaming with select GPRS Partner operators.

Q. Will Blackberry email also work with my personal email on Yahoo /
Rediffmail / Hotmail, etc.
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am it will work with Yahoo, Hotmail and any other POP3 / IMAP email account. The POP3 / IMAP email service may be free or a paid service as per your mail account service provider.

Q. Can I open attachments using a Blackberry? Can I edit/modify these attachments and re-email them?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am you can open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments using a Blackberry. You cannot edit the attachments with the standard applications of the Blackberry; however, there are third party applications, which are available on the Internet that allow you to edit attachments.

Q. Can I get support for any third party software/client application that I have downloaded on my Blackberry?
A. Sir / Ma’am, BSNL or Blackberry will not take any responsibility for any error/failure of the handset arising out of a third party application download. Third party application download can also affect the warranty of the handset. Please read the warranty terms and conditions carefully.

Q. I purchased the Blackberry handset from BSNL but I am using it with some other operator’s SIM card. Can I still get the benefits under the Warranty?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Standard Handheld warranty benefits would apply for the Blackberry handheld even if you are using it with some other operator’s SIM card.Q. Where are Blackberry handsets made?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry Handsets are made by a company named Research In Motion based out of Canada.

Q. How can I transfer my Blackberry to my Spouse/Relative?
A. Sir / Ma’am, There can be 10 email accounts activated or deactivated on each BB. Person using it can deactivate his present email settings and activate for Spouse/Relative or others. The person you are transferring the handheld to, needs to take up BSNL connection and get the BlackBerry services activated on that connection.

Q. How can my company sign up for this service?
A. Please contact your BSNL corporate Account Manager or call us on 1500. <BSNL Customer Care to note down the details of the client and pass on the detail to the circle BD team>.

Q. What do I do if my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld is lost or stolen?
A. Sir / Ma’am, we would request you to please call Blackberry Helpdesk <CSR to provide BlackBerry Helpdesk numbers> to have your account de-activated immediately.

Q. Can I get my corporate email on my Blackberry even if my company does not want to install a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am if your corporate email is configured on POP3 / IMAP then this account can be configured on BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS).

Q. Can Blackberry be used with Macintosh computers?
A. Sir / Ma’am, BlackBerry is compatible with Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. BlackBerry does not currently support Macintosh computers.

Q. If I have to leave my handset with one of the Service Outlets for repairs, will I get a standby handset?
A. Sir / Ma’am, as the repair of handsets can't be carried out by anyone other than BlackBerry itself, once our support engineer certifies that the handset as non-repairable and "is to be replaced" handset, we will issue you a replacement handset. However the replacement handset will be issued on the availability. The handset will be replaced in the warranty period only.

Q. I use Blackberry services, which I have purchased from an operator from outside of India. Can I access these services when I am roaming in India?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am we would request you to please check with your Home operator for the list of Roaming tie-ups with Operators in India.

Q. How much does the Blackberry service cost?
A. BlackBerry tariff plans is to be explained

Q. How much does the entire package cost?
A. Sir / Ma’am, the entire package will comprise a BlackBerry handheld, monthly service charges and may or may not comprise a Blackberry Enterprise Server. HERE different models available & their prices along with tariff plans to be explained Blackberry Enterprise server costing can be shared with you by our BD team.

Q. Where can I buy a Blackberry handheld?
A. Sir / Ma’am, you can buy a Blackberry handheld in our designated BSNL outlets like Customer Support Centre (CSC), Franchisee Outlet, Organized retail like Mobile Store etc or in case you are a Corporate/Enterprise customer, you can ask your relation ship manager / concerned circle BD/Sales team to arrange the same for you.

Q. Who do I get in touch with for the handset repair and maintenance?
A. Sir / Ma’am, you can call on the toll free help line number 1505 or 1800- 180-1505 from your BSNL phone, or can call on 9416001505 from any other operator’s phone.

Q. Will billing will be on the basis of data transmitted per minute or monthly fixed rental?
A. BlackBerry Billing Plans to be explained

Q. What is Push and Pull technology?
A. "Pull technology" - When a user logs on to his/ her mail server or mail and demands the mail information , then the customer is "PULLING " information for his requirement. This would require the customer going through the process of logging and getting connected to the server/ website. Post the same he will type his mail ID and password to log into his account and then see the contents to retrieve (pull) the relevant information. In " Push technology" - the mail once reaches his / her mail server/ mailbox will be automatically indicated on the handheld over the GPRS / EDGE / 3  network. In this the customer need not log in or go through the above procedure. He has to log in once at the time of initiation of his account/ service and then he is “Always ON, Always connected" to get his mail wherever GPRS / EDGE / 3G service is available.

Q. Blackberry works on a Pull technology or the Push technology?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry works on the Push technology.

Q. Do I need to have special training to work on Blackberry?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am no special training is required. Blackberry is very user friendly. Half a day of usage can acquaint you with the menus in the Blackberry handheld.

Q. Does it work offline, even when BSNL connectivity is zero?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am it does not work offline. You will have to be in BSNL coverage area. Offline you will be able to read old e-mails in your mailbox.

Q. Is there any lock in period?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am there is no lock in period for this.

Q. Will the server at BSNL have enough security, to safe guard my data?
A. Sir / Ma’am, for a corporate customer, the BES is placed behind his Corporate Firewall, security of which lies completely with the customer. However when the mail info travels outside his network, the data is kept secured using Triple DES encryption standard.

Q. What is the speed of data transmission?
A. Sir / Ma’am, speed of data transmission is as per GPRS / EDGE / 3G standards based on the Handset. However Blackberry uses proprietary compression techniques to utilize the GPRS time slots / bandwidth the best way to make the feeling of the information as “instantaneous".

Q. Does it support Microsoft office?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am it supports opening of all Microsoft Text attachments.

Q. What is the support provided by BSNL for installation and technical queries?
A. Sir / Ma’am, for corporate customers, we shall have technical support (installation and service) from trained engineers.

Q. How do I edit an Excel Sheet or Word File in Blackberry, save it and then send it via email?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am you cannot edit your attachments on the Blackberry handheld. You only have the facility to view the attachments.

Q. Can I see JPEG files/ Image files while surfing on blackberry handset?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am you can see JPEG files/ Image files while surfing on blackberry handset.

Q. What is the third party software available? Where can I buy Third Party applications?
A. Sir / Ma’am, there are various third party software available on the internet ranging from Productivity applications to games. These softwares can be purchased from various portals on the internet. However, we request you to please go through the terms and conditions of the Handheld Warranty very carefully as downloading of Third party applications can affect the Warranty of
the handheld.

Q. Can I download attachments from my Web Based Email (India times/ rediff) while surfing on Internet using my Blackberry?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am but only Microsoft Office text based attachments.

Q. Can I increase the memory of my Blackberry Handset?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am this facility is available in select models by using high capacity media cards.

Q. Can I provision an Auto Reply to the emails that I receive in my Blackberry handset?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Auto Replies are set directly on the Lotus Client or MS Exchange Client on the Desktop/Laptop of the user. Auto Replies cannot be set on the Blackberry.

Q. Do I have to keep my PC on to receive my office emails on blackberry handsets (BIS)?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am this will not be required.

Q. What is the probability of Virus affecting the HH?
A. Sir / Ma’am, virus cannot affect the HH since it displays only the text data.

Q. Does Blackberry have any camera attachments for the handsets?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am Blackberry handsets do have camera attachments to specific models. Currently, Curve 8310 and Bold 9000 have camera.

Q. What is the Operating System on which a Blackberry handset works?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Blackberry works on the proprietary operating system of Research In Motion.

Q. Can I browse the Internet with a Blackberry handset?
A. Yes, Sir / Ma’am blackberry handsets have an inbuilt Internet Browser.

Q. If my handset gets damaged while I am roaming abroad, will you replace it?
A. No, Sir / Ma’am we would then need to certify the damage and check whether it falls under warranty and then replace it.

Q. Will my defective handset get swapped?
A. Sir / Ma’am If it is within the warranty period and the terms of the warranty then the handset will get swapped. However, the battery and other accessories will not get swapped. These have a separate warranty of their own.

Q. The bar inside my battery icon is empty and the Home screen has changed to show the phrase "Low Battery".
A. Sir / Ma’am, When the battery level falls below 10%, the Home screen indicates "Low Battery". Please re-charge the battery of your handheld. To re-charge your handheld connect it to the USB adaptor connected to a power source.

Q. My LCD display seems faint?
A. Sir / Ma’am, Customize the screen contrast. While in the Home screen, scroll to the Options icon and click. Scroll to Screen/Keyboard and click. Select Screen Contrast, and press the space key to scroll through the available contrast levels.

Q. My handheld seems to be unresponsive.
A.Sir / Ma’am, You must reset the handheld by pressing <Alt><CAP><Backspace>. If that does not restore the handheld, then open the back cover and take out the battery for 10 secs and then place it

Q. I composed a message on my handheld and selected Send from the menu, but it has not been sent yet
A. Sir / Ma’am, there are a few reasons why your messages may not have been sent. Ensure that your handheld radio is turned on. On the BlackBerry handheld the antenna icon turns the radio off / on.

1. Ensure that capital EDGE / 3G is indicated underneath the network connectivity icon. If no EDGE identifier appears then you will need to check which network you are currently active on. (Select Options Network to check). If no active network is currently selected, simply click the track wheel and select the Select Active Network option and wait for it to find the EDGE/GSM carrier.

2. If there is a clock icon next to the unsent message, you may be temporarily out of the wireless network's coverage area. Messages will only be successfully sent and received when you are in an area with sufficient coverage. Sometimes if you move closer to a window, coverage is regained.

3. If there is an X next to the unsent message, a transmission error occurred. Open the message and scroll to the top. The Message Status field will indicate the problem. Possible transmission errors
include: "General send failure: please try again", "Temporary network problem: please resend later", "Timeout: message not delivered".

Q. When I send a message from my handheld, is there a way I can confirm that the recipient of the message has received it?
A. Sir / Ma’am, If you are sending an email message, type <confirm> in the Subject field of the message (please note that the square brackets must be included). When your message has been delivered, you will receive an email message

Q. I am composing a lengthy message and need to navigate through the message horizontally to edit a spelling mistake. I can scroll vertically but how do I scroll horizontally to edit the text?
A. Sir / Ma’am, please press <Alt>, while rolling the track wheel / track ball to scroll horizontally

Q. When I choose to file a message in one of my Inbox subfolders the message disappears. Why?
A. Sir / Ma’am, please ensure that your message options are not set to hide your filed messages. While in the Home screen, click the Messages icon to display the list of messages on your handheld. Click the track wheel / track ball and select Options. Set the Hide Filed Messages: field to No.

Q. I am receiving duplicate messages on my Blackberry handheld device. Why this is and what do I need to do to fix it?
A. Sir / Ma’am, the handheld is not in an area of sufficient wireless coverage, therefore it cannot send an acknowledgement to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, to confirm it has received the message. The issue will be resolved one the handheld returns to an area of sufficient wireless network coverage.

Q. How do I cut and paste text on a handheld?
A. Sir / Ma’am, to cut or copy text: In an editable field move the cursor to the text that will be cut or copied. For example: Memo, composed message, addresses book entry
1. Press the ALT key.
2. Click the track wheel.
3. Roll the track wheel to highlight text.
4. Click the track wheel and select Cut Selection or Copy Selection.

To paste text:
1. Place the cursor in an editable field.
2. Click the track wheel and select Paste Selection.